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Courses starting autumn term 2017

Courses for Fun and Recreation starting Autumn Term 2017

Want to learn a new skill? Maybe you’re just looking for a new hobby? Either way, we’re bound to have a course that’s right for you! Call 020 7613 9123 to enrol – or email us.

If you are a home student, unemployed and claiming an Active State Benefit, you pay the discounted cost. All other people will need to pay the full cost shown.

For courses starting later in the year download the full course guide here

Course title Start Date End Date Day Cost Discounted Cost
Arts and Crafts
Drawing and Painting 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 2-4:30pm £138 £43
Drawing and Painting 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 6:30-8:30pm £118 £38
Jewellery Making 21-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 6.30-9pm £140 £45
Pottery/Ceramics 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 3-5pm £123 £43
Pottery/Ceramics 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 6:30-8:30pm £133 n/a
Pottery/Ceramics 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 3-5pm £123 £43
Pottery/Ceramics 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 6:30-8:30pm £133 n/a
Pottery/Ceramics 21-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 Thu 6:30-8:30pm £133 n/a
NEW Life Drawing 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 7:00-9:00pm £118 £38
NEW Mosaic Making 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 6:30-9:00pm £150 £50
British Sign Language
Introduction to British Sign Language 19-Sep-17 14-Nov-17 Tue 11-1:30pm £55 n/a
Level 1 Award in British Sign Language 21-Nov-17 26-Jun-18 Tue 11-1:30pm £485 n/a
Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language (IBSL) 20-Sep-17 27-Jun-18 Wed 6-8:30pm £710 n/a
Level 3 IBSL Certificate: British Sign Language 19-Sep-17 26-Jun-18 Tue 6-8:30pm £1,500* n/a
Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language (IBSL) 18-Sep-17 25-Jun-18 Tue 6.30-9pm £1,600* n/a
Level 6 Certificate in British Sign Language (IBSL) 20-Sep-17 27-Jun-18 Wed 10-2.30pm £1,700* n/a
Level 6 Certificate in Interpreter Diploma (IBSL) 01-Nov-17 18-Jul-18 Wed 6.30-9pm £3,200* n/a
NEW Bra Making 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 6:30-9pm £150 £50
Clothesmaking (beginners) 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 7-9pm £118 £38
Clothesmaking (beginners) 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 10am-12:30pm £138 £43
Clothesmaking (mixed) 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 7-9pm £118 £38
Clothesmaking (intermediate) 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 1:30-4pm £138 £43
Corsetry 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 6:30-8:30pm £118 £38
Pattern Cutting 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 7-9pm £118 £38
NEW Soft Furnishing 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 10:30-12:30pm £118 £38
NEW Tailoring 21-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 Thu 6:30-9pm £138 £43
Cake Making and Decorating
Cake Decorating (beginners) 21-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 Thu 7-9pm £133 £50
Cake Decorating (intermediate) 23-Sep-17 21-Oct-17 Sat 10am-2:30pm £133 n/a
NEW Cake Making 18-Sep-17 16-Oct-17 Mon 6:30-9pm £75 £25
NEW Pastry Making 30-Oct-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 6:30-9pm £75 £25
NEW Macarons Making 11-Nov-17 One day course Sat 10am-2pm £55 n/a
Introduction to Counselling 04-Oct-17 13-Dec-17 Thu 6-9pm £135 n/a
NEW Ballroom 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 6-7:30pm £88 £28
Egyptian Belly Dance for Women 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 6-7:30pm £88 £28
NEW Flower Arranging 14-Oct-17 21-Oct-17 Sat 10am-4pm £110 n/a
Health and Fitness
Pilates 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 12-1pm £50 £30
Yoga 22-Sep-17 01-Dec-17 Fri 12-1pm £50 £30
NEW Tai Chi 21-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 Thu 6:30-7:30pm £50 £30
Health and Safety
Food Safety in Catering 07-Oct-17 One day course Sat 9am-5pm £80 n/a
Food Safety in Catering 11-Nov-17 One day course Sat 9am-5pm £80 n/a
GCSE English 11-Sep-17 07-Jun-18 Mon-Tue-Thu 6-9pm £30 n/a
GCSE English 09-Sep-17 09-Jun-18 Sat 10am-1pm £30 n/a
GCSE Maths 09-Sep-17 09-Jun-18 Sat 10am-1pm £30 n/a
Home Maintenance
Home Maintenance – Carpentry and Joinery 21-Sep-17 19-Oct-17 Thu 7-9:30pm £78 n/a
French (beginners) 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 7-9pm £150 n/a
French (improvers) 21-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 Thu 7-9pm £150 n/a
Spanish(beginners) 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 7-9pm £150 n/a
Spanish (improvers) 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Mon 7-9pm £150 n/a
German(beginners) 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 7-9pm £150 n/a
Car Maintenance 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 6:30-8:30pm £110 £38
Driving Theory 18-Sep-17 30-Oct-17 Mon 7-9pm £78 £28
Driving Theory 06-Nov-17 11-Dec-17 Mon 7-9pm £78 £28
Motorcycle Maintenance (beginners) 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 6:30-9pm £210 n/a
Motorcycle Maintenance (beginners) 21-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 Wed 6:30-9pm £210 n/a
Motorcycle Maintenance (intermediate) 19-Sep-17 28-Nov-17 Tue 6:30-9pm £210 n/a
Acoustic Guitar (beginners) 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 7-8:30pm £88 n/a
Acoustic Guitar (improvers) 20-Sep-17 29-Nov-17 Wed 7:30-9:30pm £113 £33
Digital Photography (beginners) 18-Sep-17 27-Nov-17 Mon 6:30-9pm £153 £53
Photography (intermediate) 21-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 Thu 6:30-9pm £150 n/a
Painting and Decorating
Painting and Decorating 25-Nov-17 26-Nov-17 Sat/Sun 9:30am-3:30pm £125 n/a
Wall and Floor Tiling
Floor Tiling 25-Nov-17 26-Nov-17 Sat/Sun 9am-3:30pm £125 n/a
Wall Tiling 14-Oct-17 15-Oct-17 Sat/Sun 9am-3:30pm £125 n/a

*FUNDING AVAILABLE, Please ask us for more details.
Call 020 7613 9123 to enrol – or email info@hackney.ac.uk.