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Over 19s

We’ve got a great range of courses for adults; so if you’re looking for training to help you get a job, want to change your career, get a promotion or step towards Higher Education, we can help you succeed.

Our team of teaching staff and advisers will support you all the way.

Many adults don’t pay tuition fees on MANY courses!

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Use our online application form to apply for a course. It’s easy to complete and goes straight to our admissions team.

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Over 19s!

If you need to pay a fee, you could fund your course through an Advanced Learner Loan!

Visit our Fees page for further information.

Why study at Hackney?

Hackney Community College has a superb campus, with industry-standard facilities for all our HE courses. Our celebrated onsite nursery makes sure that your child is cared for by highly-qualified experts, while you study.
Class sizes are usually much smaller than at university, so you build up a good relationship with your tutor and lecturers. Although we’re a fairly large College, we have a very supportive campus community.

Lots of students choose HCC for the support they receive. We have a team of student advisers who you can turn to for free, confidential and impartial advice on both academic and personal issues.

Supporting you while you study

You’ll get loads of support to help you achieve your full potential. How can we support you?.

Adult course guide 2017/18

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Courses for Fun and Recreation 2017/18