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Annual Student Awards 2012 Winners: The Pat Mahoney Teamwork Award (Olympic / Paralympic value of Friendship)

Posted 27th February

Winners: Chloe Rooney, Kim Allen, Gracie Marshall, Katie Hill, Leah Walker-Murrain, Adilson Santos, Michael Warrick – Gooding, Precious Omonuwa and Bria White

Earlier this year, HCC nominated a group of 16-18 year olds to audition for the Olympic Ceremonies – with all 9 of the Performing Arts students being selected for this chance in a lifetime!

An introductory meeting was held – and the “HoD Squad” – HoD standing for Head of Department, was formed. They watched extracts from the Beijing Opening Ceremony, and it was made very clear that HCC had the highest expectations from the squad, as payback for the chance to be selected to perform in front of the world’s largest audience – estimated to be 3.5 billion people!

That expectation included an ambassadorial role for the department and the wider college, and a mentoring role to other students within Performing Arts.

They have stuck true to their promise and been the most magnificent ambassadors for themselves, their friends and families, and for our College!

Having performed brilliantly at the initial 2012 Ceremonies auditions, they were all invited back to recall auditions and were all successful! We are so proud of them!

Irrespective of this amazing outcome, the squad has made an indelible mark with the organisers and the large numbers of other audition hopefuls – making friends and winning admiration for their energy, charm, friendly disposition and good humour. They have developed into a great team who take their undertakings very seriously and are also tremendous fun to be with.

We are very proud of their magnificent achievement and look forward to seeing them perform at the Ceremonies!