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Shem Ehigie

Posted 16th February

Shem gets a real kick out of taekwondo

Hackney Community College Sports student Shem Ehigie has his sights set on becoming a master of martial arts after being selected for the Great Britain National Talent squad in taekwondo.

The talented 17 year old will undergo intensive training at the development camp in Manchester for the rest of the year , which will help prepare him for performing at the highest level.

Shem, from Hoxton, was chosen after impressing at the national championships last year, where he won a bronze medal.

In between his studies and vigorous training sessions, Shem also competes in numerous tournaments across the country and in Europe.

His aim is to enrol full-time in a specialist taekwondo academy, once he completes his College course, to continue his development in the sport.

The level 2 student said: “I am really excited about being chosen to take part in this training. It will be hard work but I am prepared for the challenge. I am just trying to participate in as much competitions as possible to have a better chance of reaching the professional stage.”`