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Annual Student Awards 2012 Winner: Promoting Equality and Diversity (Olympic / Paralympic value of Equality)

Posted 27th February

Due to a childhood illness, Alpha Kamara developed severe disabilities that have prohibited him from doing things that are generally taken for granted.

Since joining Hackney Community College, he has shown extraordinary determination and perseverance in developing his skills.

Despite his severe learning disability, he has strived to show that they do not hold him back.

He endeavours to carry out all tasks unsupported and has the intuition to request support when necessary.

Alpha is aware of his fitness and the importance of healthy eating. He refuses to eat cakes and sweets ‘as they are bad for my teeth’.

Alpha has participated in many sporting events for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

In June 2011 Alpha won a gold medal for the 100m in the London Youth Games – a real achievement!

Even though Alpha’s difficulties frustrate him, he shows real inspiration by rarely letting them get to him.