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NCC Hackney badminton success

Posted 11th December 2017

New City College is renowned for its success in sports not only in basketball but in other categories including football and badminton.

The college is now hitting the headlines with badminton success for the men’s enrichment team, having won a friendly match against City & Islington College.

The match was contested by 4 men over 3 rounds. The first round finished with the teams 2-2, with the second round singles matches being won 3 – 1 by the Hackney team giving them a 5 – 3 lead, with one final round to play.

The third and final round was a doubles play off with pairs chosen by captains as 1st and 2nd to play against each other. Even though the Hackney team had the misfortune of being one player short, meaning they had to concede one doubles match, the score for round three ended at 5 – 4, with the overall game being won 6 – 4 by the NCC Hackney students.

The teams are looking forward to a rematch in late January.