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A winning week for New City College Hackney Basketball Academy!

Posted 13th November 2017

Congratulations to New City College (NCC) Hackney Basketball Academy who have won the AoC Sport London Regional Championship.

NCC Hackney beat Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College in the final by a narrow margin, having triumphed in the semi-final and their pool B games against teams from CONEL, Leyton, St Dominic’s and Kingston. The competition was hosted at the University of East London- SportsDock.

The final was a repeat of the team’s game earlier in the week, where they beat the same team 112-45.

The team will now go on to play in the Nationals in April!

Sonia Stephens, Sports Academy Manager at NCC Hackney said, ‘The basketball team train hard and this is proof their commitment pays off. Our partnership with the London Lions has enabled us to provide our students with professional standard training which assists with their individual development.’

The dedicated training hours, and strength and conditioning, allows the team to be confident and show their potential in every game. Students have the opportunity to test their skills throughout the year, during weekly games and diverse competitions, enabling them to aim high in their future competitions.

Our sports academies are open to all students in the New City College Group. To be part of the academies, students must be dedicated to their main course of study as well as their sport.