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Mastic Asphalt Visitors

Posted 6th November 2017

On Wednesday 1st November the Mastic Asphalt Department had a visit from two retired Mastic Asphalt Spreaders.

Mr Ray Briscini and Mr Tony Tufano kindly donated their craft tools, well-seasoned float faces and trowels to the department, for the use of apprentices currently in training.

A small selection of the mastic asphalt craft tools donated by Ray and Tony.

Ray aged 75 and Tony aged 80 started their apprenticeships at the age of fourteen, attending Brixton College back in the early to mid 1950’s and both have 51 years each of continues employment in the mastic asphalt industry, before their retirement at the age of 65.

Ray and Tony both spoke to the present mastic asphalt apprentices about their experiences in the trade including, working to measurement and how things have changed, regarding Health & Safety on site. Whilst in the workshop both men couldn’t resist having one last go at applying mastic asphalt to one of the apprentices’ models!!

Both Ray and Tony were very pleased to see that the present intake of mastic asphalt apprentices were being taught the traditional methods of applying mastic asphalt, in much the same as they were taught by their tutor Johnny Jones all those years ago at Brixton College.

It was truly a pleasure to host Mr Briscini and Mr Tufano. Both men are mild mannered, knowledgeable and highly skilled craftsmen who entertained the present apprentices for the 90 minutes that they were on campus.