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Rave Reviews: Cookies at Theatre Royal Haymarket

Posted 1st November 2017

Performing Arts students from New City College’s Hackney Campus took to the West End stage at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in a new play ‘Cookies’ written by Emily Jenkins and directed by Anna Ledwich.

The audience enjoyed an excellent play and production looking at the dangers and challenges facing the young in these digital times. Inspired by the true online experiences of 120 students across four colleges, shared during workshops run by the Cyberscene project. Emily Jenkins has written the play which deals with effects of sexting and cyberbullying in a digital world, an important topic handled sensitively, creatively and with impact.

Channel 4 met with some of the students whose experiences of social media have helped to inspire the play, a note on when ‘bullying goes from real world to cyberspace’ was broadcast prior to the performances – watch this news here

Only two shows were performed in a time lapse of 6 hours with standing ovations from the public.

‘Cookies’ has been reviewed and described from the public as thought provoking and insightful with a superb script, perfectly designed and last but not least with an incredible cast, including NCC Hackney performing arts students.

Frankie Crossley, Film and TV editor at Miro Magazine said, “Cookies makes an arresting and empowering statement about social media” – read her review here

Rachel O’Regan from the Hiive defined the play as a “foundation of truth” – read her review here

For those who missed the recent world premiere, Masterclass will introduce the film version of Cookies during anti-bullying week, 13th – 17th November. Visit the Masterclass website – masterclass.org.uk for further information.