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FREE training for people aged 16-24 who are not in education, training or employment

Posted 7th August 2017

FREE training for people aged 16-24 and not in education, training or employment 

If so, New City College is offering some fantastic FREE training throughout August and September. The training will look great on your CV, prepare you for work or study and give you the confidence, skills and motivation to succeed.

Choose from:

Personal / Professional Development
Motivational / 5 Steps to Success
Stress Management
Career Advice
Customer Service
CV Writing Skills
Study Skills
Essay Writing
Interviewing for Better Results
Job searching skills
Booster-course for people starting a course in September

Functional Skills
Basic IT

Accredited Training
Emergency first aid
Food safety in Catering Level 2
Manual Handling

And much more!

If you are aged 16-24 please contact us on 020 7613 9385 or email tilly.shaw@ncclondon.ac.uk

If you are working but earning less than £307 per week please contact us on 020 7613 9553 or email shiromi.gaughan@ncclondon.ac.uk