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Use our online application form to apply for a course. It’s easy to complete and goes straight to our admissions team.

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How to apply

It's easy to apply!

You can either click on the “Apply online” button (on the left hand side of this page) or you can call us on 020 7613 9123 for advice.

What happens once I've completed the application form?

Step 1

Once you’ve decided which course you’d like to study, post or hand in your completed application form to the Admissions team. The address of where to send it is at the top of the application form. If you’re applying online, then it will automatically be sent back to us once you hit “submit”.

Step 2

We’ll invite you to an interview and/or assessment. It’s a great time to talk to your tutor to make sure it’s the right course for you. You may need to do an online or written initial assessment. Don’t worry! It’s just to get an idea of what level you’re at so we can make sure you join the right course. For some courses you will be asked to show a portfolio of work, and for performing arts and circus courses, we’ll invite you to an audition.

Step 3

We’ll write to you to let you know if you’ve been successfully accepted onto your chosen course (this is based on your assessment and GCSE results). If you haven’t been successful, we’ll recommend another course that you can study. You will then be invited back to the College to complete your enrolment and get your ID card. We’ll also tell you about any grants, bursaries or other benefits you can apply for and let you know when your first lesson is.

For courses run in partnership with other organisations
For some courses, our application process runs alongside other organisations. This is the case, for example, for some higher education courses and our Circus Arts BTEC. In these instances, we will let you know if there is anything further that you need to do.

For apprenticeships
If you are applying for an apprenticeship, we will guide you through the process and support you in your interview with your prospective employer. For apprenticeships only, please call our employer training division, View Training on 020 7613 9430.

For international students
Please see the international section of our website

For course information and enrolment services

In Term-time:
Monday-Thursday: 9am-6.30pm
Friday: 9am-2pm

During the holidays:
Monday-Thursday: 9am-4.30pm
Friday: 9am-2pm

College Reception opening times

In term time:
Monday-Thursday: 8am -7pm
Friday: 8am-5pm

During the Holidays:

Admissions policy

Our admissions policy can be downloaded here. We encourage you to contact our customer services team with any queries, on hackneyinfo@ncclondon.ac.uk or 020 7613 9123.