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Motor Vehicle

Hands-on experience

As well as theoretical work, what our students really love is the practical work fixing cars, which they do in our on-site garage.

“Motor Vehicle is a very exciting and diverse trade to get in to. You do something different every day; it’s very challenging- but also really rewarding!

Hackney Community College has fantastic facilities. The purpose-built workshops are set up to resemble a real-life working environment. It’s just like working in an actual garage!

We even have an MOT bay! This means we get really good experience making us ready for the world of work.

The diagnostic suite is exceptional. Our teachers bring in problematic vehicles and then using the diagnostic suite, we identify the problem – and go on to fix it! It’s very challenging – but I love these exciting and practical lessons.

All of the work you do is on a fleet of cars, specifically brought in for us to work on and fix up.

The College has excellent links with local and major national employers and we often get the chance to get good work experience with these leading companies.

To be an MOT tester, you have to have a level 3 qualification – so studying here is a must. They offer courses from entry level – right up to level 3. Plus, they also run 10-week car maintenance and motorcycle maintenance courses in the evening – which are ideal if you want to fix up your own vehicle. It also gives you more confidence when speaking to mechanics – often saving you money.

If you want to go on and work in the industry, you can expect to earn a very good salary. Typically, you’ll earn around £35k for general work in a garage – right up to over £70,000 if you work for larger companies – such as Formula 1.

Our teachers are great. They are very versatile – and all have specific experience in all areas of the motor trade. So come and have a look round and see what makes HCC such a great place to study Motor Vehicle!”

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Driven to Success

Ahmad Azami is proof that with a bit of determination, passion and confidence the road to success is achievable.

An Afghanistan native, Ahmad entered the UK five years ago, unable to speak any English. With a burning desire to learn, he began searching the internet for a college that would give him the opportunity to grasp the English language as well as study another subject. Hackney Community College was his first choice, with its impressive range of courses and its convenient location.

A motor vehicle enthusiast since his youth, Ahmad enrolled on the popular IMI Diploma Motor Vehicle course with hopes of expanding his basic knowledge of the skill. He also studied English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) as a part-time student so that he could learn to speak English. He successfully completed both courses last year and received two certificates to show his achievement.

Ahmad feels that the College more than exceeded his expectations and that he was able to gain more than just a qualification. He also reflected a new found confidence as a result of the encouragement he received from his tutors. “My tutors have been very helpful and friendly,” he commended. “Because of them I have more confidence and have the ability to demonstrate the skills that I have acquired.”

Despite being given extra assignments to challenge his ability, Ahmad was able to keep on top of his motor studies as well as his ESOL lessons. Ahmad even managed to make his own work tool to solve a difficult task set for him, to his teachers’ amazement. Ahmad’s new found confidence and determination propelled him to visit several agencies and apply for jobs and he is now employed with the London Ambulance Service as a mechanic and recently passed the Class C driving test, which they sponsored him to take. He believes that the Motor Vehicle course more than prepared him for his current job role and he is overjoyed with the chance to make a valuable contribution to society.

What are my options after studying Motor Vehicle?

  • Mechanic in a garage or fleet
  • F1 engineer
  • Self employed mechanic
  • Breakdown engineer