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Make a difference. Transform lives.

“Counselling is a fantastic course for anyone who wants to work with people in a helping capacity.

This could include being a trained counsellor, a youth worker, various roles within the voluntary sector or health services; or in fact pretty much any job where the ultimate aim is to be of help to someone.

Working with an endlessly diverse range of clients – from the very young to the very old – you’ll need to learn a range of skills to help you to communicate. Listening effectively is absolutely crucial and HCC’s counselling courses will help you to learn how to do this.

The courses start at introductory level and go right up to Level 5. Plus, they work in partnership with the University of East London, so you can continue your studies there – completing your degree.

The teachers at Hackney Community College are all experienced tutors who are additionally practicing counsellors. This is really beneficial to us students, as they share their up-to-date practical experiences with us.

What’s particularly good about studying here is the excellent accommodation that the college offers. We have dedicated discreet spaces, specifically designed for us – so we’re able to comfortably work in small groups and pairs.

The counselling department has received very positive external reports on its inclusive anti- discriminatory practices.”

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We place a strong emphasis on personal development, the core qualities of counselling,
and practical skills training. Our courses are validated by organisations with national
reputations for high quality training.