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Top 10% in the Country

The pass rates on all of our business courses are well above national average. And last year, our Level 3 Diploma course was particularly high; 20% above the national benchmark – which puts us in the top 10% in the country for the Diploma!


“Business is a fantastic course to choose. It not only gives you the knowledge and skills to set up your own business – but it gives you a great introduction to a variety of sectors – such as accounting, finance, human resources, marketing and law.

At the end of your course, you’ll have a great insight into how a business functions – and you’ll have a really good idea of the different areas you could get into.

Hackney Community College is a great place to choose to study Business. Based in Tech City, there are numerous start-ups and large businesses right on our doorstep.
The college invites employers in to give motivational talks – and even arranges for business owners to become our mentors!

The courses range from level 2 and go right up to Level 5 – which is fantastic as you can really build up your confidence progressing through the levels here. Most students go off to university when they finish their course to study degrees such as business, engineering, psychology and law. Others go straight into work.

Our teachers are all experienced in industry – so as well as academic knowledge, they’re able to pass on this industry knowledge. So whether you’re interested in business, accounts or law – our teachers can give you the low down on each.

Our teachers care about each of us and offer a fantastic level of support. They have 1-2-1 surgeries where they help us with specific challenges we’re having – giving us a real sense of individuality.

Maybe that’s why the success rates are well above national average on all their business courses. HCC was even in the top 10% of the country for the Diploma course!

So come and have a look round the college, talk to tutors and students like me, and find out what makes Hackney Community College such a great place to study.”

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